All you need to know about door knobs

In this blog post, we will go over a few options of door knobs.

As you know, there are many different types out there, and its sometimes may be hard to choose the right door knob for your home or business. 

A doorknob is basically a handle to open and close a door. It has a latch that goes into the door frame and keeps the door shut.

There are many types of doorknobs, some are with basic security such as a key, some are more secure i.e. lever handles, and some have no security at all e.g. dummy locks.

In addition, today there are many different types of doorknobs, as far as the way they operate. Some can be opened with a key, some with a fingerprint, some with your cell phone, some with a keypad and some without any security whatsoever.

Generally speaking there are a few types of door knobs:

  1. Handle door knob with a key – So you can lock and unlock the door 
  2. Dummy door knob – Without a key, simply used as a handle for convenience.
  3. Passage/hallway – which can be locked and unlocked without a key
Door knob options for residential and commercial
High security deadbolt combined with a dummy door knob

How to choose the right doorknob?

  • First, consider your budget. Keep in mind that the price of the doorknob is higher if you buy from a locksmith. In addition, try to calculate the total price, including installation by a locksmith which you may need, service call fees, rekey fee etc.
  • Second, think how secure you need it to be. There are many doorknobs that basically have the same function but fluctuate in the price for no good reason.
  • Third, think about your needs, or your business needs. Will you need to do a lot of rekeying or let many people get into the house in the future? Will you need to change the locks again afterward? If so, you may want to buy a dummy doorknob and combine it with a basic keypad deadbolt. Alternatively, like most people, you can just buy a combo set that has the same key and provides good, basic security.
  • Finally, remember that more expansive doesn’t necessarily mean better. The doorknob’s main purpose is to use as a handle, not as a primary security lock as deadbolts are, and therefore its not necessary to pay high price for them.
key entry door knob lock kwikset parts ready to install by a locksmith in Rochester NY

Pros and cons of key operated doorknobs


  1. Very easy to operate.
  2. Provide basic security as it is a key operated lock.
  3. Inexpensive – Usually the basic door knobs cost about $10-$30 and you can find them at all hardware stores.
  4. Available in many colors, shapes, and designs.


  1. While providing some type of security most often is a very basic one. Consider a better grade lock for better security
  2. Chances are you will want to combine the doorknob with an additional security lock such as a deadbolt or mortise or rim cylinder lock. There are many available options to add to a door knob. 
A locksmith is adding a new lockset to wood door (4)
A locksmith is adding a new lockset to wood door

Pros and cons of dummy / passage doorknobs


  1. Because they don’t have a key, you can’t get locked out.
  2. Inexpensive – Usually the basic door knobs cost about $10-$20 and you can find them at any hardware stores.


  1. They don’t provide any security. Anyone can unlock the door without a key.
  2. Not suitable for an entrance door or a room that you need privacy. 
  3. Limited design availability – they most often come in 2 colors only: Brass and Silver due to a lower popularity and usage.
Dummy handle without a key
Dummy handle without a key

In conclusion,

There are many options out there for different entry door knobs by different brand. What is important to remember is that while door knob or entry lock can come with a key option, usually you shouldn’t trust them as a security measure. Combine your door knob with a good grade 1 or 2 deadbolt and you should be good to go in most cases.

For more relevant information about lock grades, options etc, please visit our blog post.