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Losing your car keys is a total pain in the neck.  But there is an easy fix to this problem. If you ever find yourself stuck in a parking lot somewhere in Rochester NY or Monroe County just give us a call and we will be there to the rescue! We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Don’t worry about the cost! We offer VIP services at budget-friendly rates.

We cater to 24/7 emergency car lockout, lost car keys, trunk opening service, keyless entry remote, ignition cylinder repair, keyless entry systems installed, locked keys in trunk, Car alarms installed, high security keys cut on site, car key programming, Steering wheel locks cut and removed, fob keys replacement, chip car keys, door locks rekey, ignition locks changed, trunk locks repaired.

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What to know when you call an automotive locksmith for car keys replacement

1. VIN.

VIN stands for the Vehicle Identification Number. You will usually find it at the dashboard on the driver’s side, in your registration card, owner’s manual, or insurance documents. We can use this code to cut and program your car key the same way your auto dealer would.

2. Car make, model, and year.

3. Type of key :

 – Non-chip car key – These are regular, machine-cut keys commonly used in older vehicles.

 – Fobs.  These remote-controlled key fobs work by using infrared signals to communicate with the vehicle. It can lock, unlock, and disable the alarm of your car. These unlocking devices are battery operated.

 – Transponder. Car keys with electronic transponder chips are a lot more sophisticated and thus more secure than simple machine-cut keys. These transponder chips are usually installed in the head of the key or in the fobs. Every chip has its own unique code that should match with the immobilizer program of your vehicle for it to start.

 – Switchblade.  With a switchblade key, you can fold the key shank in to the head to make a fob or you can click it open to use the fob as a head. That’s basically it!

 – Chip smart car key. Smart keys are used by cars which requires electronic access. There’s no need to take it out. It will automatically unlock the car in its presence.

That is all the information we need! We have the right equipment to make you a car key on site. Give us a call and we’ll be there in no time.

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