Residential Lockout

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Did you lose the last copy of your house key? Don’t stress! There are a few options to consider before you decide on tracing back your steps around the streets of Rochester, NY.

Get Your Roomie

If you are living with someone else other than a pet, your first course of action is to call your roommate and wait for him or her to come to the rescue. Find a safe place to sit and wait around especially if you find yourself locked out in the wee hours of the night. You can then borrow your roommate’s key to make a new copy for your use. Don’t forget to keep a spare just in case you misplace or forget to bring your keys again!

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Contact Your Landlord

If you are living in an apartment, the best thing to do is to give your landlord or apartment manager a call. They usually have copies of all apartment unit keys available to tenants in case something like this happens.

Find Another Way In

Find an alternative entrance by checking the backdoor or the fire exit. See if it is accessible and safe for your entry. Of course, make sure that you try this on your own window or a public access entrance lest you get caught for trespassing or breaking in.

Take emergency precautions

You can make sure that next time you don’t get locked out of your home again. Always have a duplicate key ready and place it in something you always bring like your purse or keep it in the glove compartment of your car. Keyrings are also a lifesaver as you can hook your keys to your bag or wallet, making sure you don’t accidentally drop them anywhere. If you live in a considerably safe neighborhood, find a secret spot you can hide your key in. Make sure it’s a place only you and not some robbers would know. A lockbox can be a big help. Just make sure the combination you use is not too common or predictable.

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Look for a Locksmith

If all else fails, leave it to the professionals! Take your phone out, give us a call, and we will send over one of our locksmiths in your area. It does not matter if it’s high noon or 3 in the morning. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week! As long as you are in Rochester, New York or surrounding areas you can expect us to be there in no time.